Selling emotions?

In my last publication, I told how much I believe that transactional sales are collapsing in many industries.

In order to replace it, brands must now take into account the power of education but also the power of the emotions.And I must admit that this is a very tricky domain considering that emotions are not easily processed! 

I was a bit surprised during my last visit at the Salesforce event in Paris last week to watch current trends on the CRM Market. And after many demos I observed that many applications dedicated to the leads generation were for me too much automated.

This is of course very reassuring for a scientific mind to program an algorythm and score a prospect in order to route him to a specific channel. Yes it is reassuring but also certainly dangerous

According to our Sales DNA© method we believe that it is possible to close a deal quickly only if three conditions are reached:

1-The customer appreciate your offer (product/services)

2-The customer trust your brand

3-The customer like the representative in front of him

An algorithm is not able yet to validate these three conditions simultaneously. So let’s be extremely careful with the automated lead management through applications.

Some brands understood the power of the emotions, I illustrate this article with the Porsche experience pop-up store in Manhattan. No car there but the experience of the brand is described, allowing customers to hear the sound of the engine, discover the racing heritage and history of the brand and so on.

How measure the impact of this investment on the customer purchase intention? How calculate the Return On Investment of this Marketing action? This is very difficult, but it does not mean that it has no impact, right?

The promise of the “big data” power is to anticipate our future purchase willing and according to the progress of profiling: it could happen very soon.

But in the meantime, I recommend to companies to trust human qualities at first to welcome and manage their customers secret wishes. What are your views on that?