Soft Selling Skills? Sales DNA!

If you are reading with attention your LinkedIn posts and news: you have probably noticed that “soft skills” topics are becoming more and more popular.

Reasons for that? For years now from Management schools to largest Tech companies, solutions were always a question of processes, automation or digitalization. Taking decisions based on rationale is always very reassuring. I have spent years being consulted about how to produce the best Sales KPI dashboard or the right way to improve the ROI of a sales representative recruitment. I am still convinced today that all these productivity analysis were very useful, but I had the intuition in 2013 that it was not sufficient to ensure an outstanding sales performance.

My intuition told me that nobody really cared until now about the importance of behaviors in term of sales performance. So I decided to start to work on a brand new method in order to transmit the best sales soft skills in this new digital world. The Sales DNA© was born.

The awareness of this exclusive FEYDIN’s method is growing at the moment and many entrepreneurs and sales people have been already trained and certified. This piece of intellectual property have changed my life because it has helped me to get out of my confort zone and launch my two companies. Should I mention that one of my Sales DNA© trainee has even became my first Belgian Associate!

I really hope that this Sales DNA© spirit will continue to spread in many companies because it all about understanding that we are human after all but also that the best processes and eCRM from San Francisco will never replace your strong motivation and deep wish to help others.